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Please note, changes have been made to several of the classes regarding motor size.

800 cc motors are allowed to have open mods. 
900 and 1100cc triples are to be stock
(EXCEPT for the FAST STAND GP 1100 expert class)

X-2's are now allowed to run a stock 900 triple.
800cc motors can have open mods 

We are now running an intermediate 1100 standup class. This class will ONLY be for 1100 and 900 stock triples, and for novice racers with at least 1 year experience in the 900 novice class.

Any questions, please email me at djsaracing@yahoo.com

Complete Class Definition List
Class Name:X2 Army - Expert
Required Watercraft:Kawasaki X2 -Gen 1 Hull only
Allowed Engine Mods:800cc Open mods / 900cc Stock 
Engine Size Limits:900cc and under (with exceptions as per Race Director)
Rider Requirements:Expert Only - 3+ years racing experience or approval from Race Director
Class Name:X2 Army - Novice
Required Watercraft:Kawasaki X2 -Gen 1 Hull only
Allowed Engine Mods:Novice racer open mods /  Expert Racer - STOCK motors only
Engine Size Limits:800cc and under with open mods / 900's must be stock. (some exceptions with Race Director approval)
Rider Requirements:Novices none / experts must run stock motors
Class Name:567 Vintage Triple Threat
Required Watercraft:Yamaha SuperJet, Kawasaki 750, 650, 550 and under
Allowed Engine Mods:Open
Engine Size Limits:CCs not to exceed stock designations
Rider Skill Requirements:None
Class Name:800 Novice Standup
Required Watercraft:Kawasaki SXR, Yamaha SuperJet, Polaris Octane
Allowed Engine Mods:800/750/701cc and under Open mods / 900cc stock motors
Engine Size Limits:900cc and under
Rider Skill Requirements:None
Class Name:Legends
Required Watercraft:Kawasaki SXR, Yamaha SuperJet, Polaris Octane, HydroSpace or A/M hull
Allowed Engine Mods:1100cc stock, 900cc stock, 800/750/701cc and under Open mods (Start method for 1100s tbd)
Engine Size Limits:1100cc and under
Rider Skill Requirements:Riders must be 35+ years of age
Class Name:900 Expert Standup
Required Watercraft:SXR, SuperJet, Octane, HydroSpace or A/M hull
Allowed Engine Mods:800cc and under - Open mods / 900cc stock motors
Engine Size Limits:900cc and under
Rider Skill Requirements:Expert only / must have approval from race director
Class Name:FAST Stand GP 1100
Required Watercraft:Kawasaki SXR, Yamaha SuperJet, Polaris Octane, HydroSpace or A/M hull
Allowed Engine Mods:Open
Engine Size Limits:1100cc
Rider Skill Requirements:Expert only / must have approval from race director
Class Name:Sport Sit 800 - Open Novice / Stock Expert
Required Watercraft:SeaDoo XP, Kawasaki SS,Xi,Xi-R,ZXI,Gen 2 X2  Polaris Hurricane, Yamaha Blaster
Allowed Engine Mods:Novice racers Open mods / Expert racers Stock motors
Engine Size Limits:800cc and under
Rider Skill Requirements:Novice racers Open mods / Expert racers Stock motors
Class Name:Sport Sit 1200 - EXPERT
Required Watercraft:SeaDoo XP, Kawasaki SS,Xi,Xi-R,ZXI,Gen 2 X2 Polaris Hurricane, Yamaha Blaster
Allowed Engine Mods:Open
Engine Size Limits:1200cc and under
Rider Skill Requirements:Expert Only - 3+ years racing experience or approval from Race Director
Class Name:Sprint Sit 1350 Open
Required Watercraft:Yamaha GP, Kawasaki STX, N/A boats
Allowed Engine Mods:Open
Engine Size Limits:1350cc and under
Rider Skill Requirements:Open class
Class Name:SCXP SuperSit Open Expert
Required Watercraft:Kawasaki, Yamaha and SeaDoo Supercharged or Turbo skis
Allowed Engine Mods:Open
Engine Size Limits:Open
Rider Skill Requirements:Expert Only - ADVANCED LEVEL - Requires approval from Race Director
Class Name:Junior-A
Required Watercraft:Stand-ups 800cc or under
Allowed Engine Mods:Limited - although we prefer the juniors run stock
Engine Size Limits:800cc and under
Rider Skill Requirements:age 12-16 or dependent on ability
Class Name:Junior-B
Required Watercraft:Stand-ups 800cc or under
Allowed Engine Mods:Limited - although we prefer the juniors run stock
Engine Size Limits:800cc and under
Rider Skill Requirements:age 8-12 or dependent on ability
Class Name:Junior-Runabout
Required Watercraft:Sport type hull only
Allowed Engine Mods:Limited - although we prefer the juniors run stock
Engine Size Limits:800cc and under
Rider Skill Requirements:age 14-16 junior runabout racers must have race director approval
Potential New Classes
Class Name:Intermediate 1100 Standup 
Required Watercraft:Kawasaki SXR, Yamaha SuperJet, Polaris Octane, HydroSpace or A/M hull
Allowed Engine Mods:Stock motors only
Engine Size Limits:1100 or 900cc triples 
Rider Skill Requirements:Minimum 1 year experience in a lower tiered class
Class Name:Blaster Open
Required Watercraft:Yamaha WaveBlaster
Allowed Engine Mods:Open mods
Engine Size Limits:1200cc and under 
Rider Skill Requirements:Open class
Class Name:SCXP / Sprint - Beginner Only "Hot Laps"
Required Watercraft: As described for SCXP / Sprint boats above
Allowed Engine Mods:Stock preferred but Open allowed
Engine Size Limits:Open
Rider Skill Requirements:Beginner and Novice ONLY 

NEW IN 2016....
There are many things that can set a race day back, and then it becomes a snowball effect chipping away at the time we have to race or hand out awards at the end of the day. Add to that, 101 last minute registration nightmares that pop up and bam - we're starting racing at 1pm instead of 1030am so - in the interest of getting in full days of racing, and getting the racers and staff home at a reasonable hour the following changes will take place for 2015.
A) The cut off for pre-registration for all our races will now be the Sunday before the upcoming race weekend at 9pm. It beats me why I've been accepting race entries up until 9pm the friday night before a race weekend, but most the time I'm at a race site with no internet, and no way to print out race entries, and after unloading the trailer and getting the course set out - the last thing I have time for is to update class rosters or running orders.
Having this important info a week ahead of time allows me to get ALL the race info to Maria a week ahead of time, and she can easily get everyone's info into the computer which will basically SAVE us about 2 hours work on saturday morning... and it doesn't get ANY easier than how I let you enter now...
Once I get a COMPLETED 2015 entry form from you, all you have to do is email your intent to race a week before the race. I'll print your forms out and have everything ready for you... In turn we'll have a complete race order established several days before the race weekend, and you'll know ahead of time what the practice and race order of the day will be. All it takes is an email from you - a week ahead of time.  
Registration will most always be open at 8am. You MUST sign in and get your wrist band to be able to practice, and if you're going to race, practice is mandatory, so if the order of the day is 900 novice stands, X-2 Army experts, and SCXP experts, then I'd plan on being near the front of the sign in line at 8am if I was in those 3 classes...
B) From then on, when announcing calls your class to the line for staging - thats not the time to put your gear on and head to the south end of the lake to warm the ski up... thats the time to slide on over to the start line to select your spot on the line. If you're not there to claim it, you're going to end up with whatever's left over, so to avoid that headache - when announcing calls your class as being "on deck" thats the time to warm up the ride... when announcing calls your class to the line, the only place you should be - is on the startline... 
Time management - if the staff buckles down, and the racers do their part, we should all see nothing but FULL days of racing for the season... Your help in this area is greatly appreciated.
3) Juniors - I have NOTHING but pride in how the juniors in every class have progressed from running time trials, to gwc races, to even running a few exhibition races during the year. Although I still feel its important that a junior racer's focus is on "riding" as smooth and fast as possible during time trials and not necessarily on trying to out race the person next to them, the "Junior A's and R's" have pretty much taken things to an all new level... because of that - the following changes will take place in the Junior's program. 
* Unless otherwise noted - all Junior A's will now race as part of the regular race program. Junior A's will race a 2 heat format and scoring will be on the junior scale. (25,22,20,18 and so on) 
* Junior B's will continue to run Time Trials for points, and a GWC for bonus points. Time permitting Junior B's will run 2 timed laps and we will keep the best lap time. 
For the adults - 
The adult program is being reevaluated. The amount of races will be the same. What's under review is whether or not we will run a point series, or if each location we run at will be individual races.    
4) The Raffle drawings... the raffles have become a fun part of the day on race weekends, and they certainly help me out when it comes to covering race expenses. Please continue to solicit prizes and awards from your favorite local merchants and businesses. We'll give them a whole lot of microphone luv in return, and those racers digging up the goods just might find themselves running a few races for free!!
X-2 Novice Update - 
Based on rider input, and on a trial basis, we are going to modify the X-2 novice class to a "stock/novice designation - the same as the Sport Sit 800 stock/novice class, meaning - a novice X-2 racer with 3 years or less of race experience can run this class on a fully modified ski, or an expert - intermediate racer may enter this class on a completely STOCK ski. I want to see this class run "on the honor system" so if you're one of the "expert guys" please make sure the ski you're running has a bone stock motor in it. Hull mods are cool but if any motor issues arise, tech inspections are going to take away from race time, and I know none of us want to see that happen... We're "outlaws" but we're "honest outlaws"!! There aren't that many expert X-2 guys running stock skis, but the intent behind dividing the class is so that the guys just starting out will have some pretty awesome role models to learn from out on the race course. 

Legends update -
Last year in the interest of meeting several racer's request to continue racing affordably, we allowed the introduction of stock 1100 triples into the mix. That may have been a mistake, and we have seen a drastic reduction of racers in this class.... primarily the 800 racers. From my own observations, I have seen no advantage running a stock 900 triple against an open 800 motor - but not necessarily so with the 1100's.

Because of that I am going to propose the "11-second rule" to the rest of the race staff regarding the Legends class. The class will continue to be for the legends of our group, 35 and older, who raced back in the day and who still have mad skills. Keep in mind back in the day there were no triples on the line.... The primary skis in this class will be for open 800cc and under skis. Stock 900 triples will be allowed HOWEVER, if you are running a stock 1100 triple you will run a delayed start 11 seconds behind the main group. Hopefully this will even the playing field for this class, and for the few who are running 1100's and might not think this is fair - we now have the 1100 intermediate class you can run in.    
This has not yet been set in stone and my proposal will be reviewed by the rest of the race staff. I will notify you as to what decision is made when that happens.

SCXP Open Expert -
Somehow or another an inexperienced guy on a big ski got inducted into the SCXP class while I was pre-occupied doing other things. I have ALWAYS maintained this is not a learning class and is for expert level racers only - but because the class has been declining in numbers, I made the decision to allow a novice to run with the class. Unfortunately when I try and be fair to someone else, I end up not being fair to myself and sooner or later I get spanked for that.

Whereas in most our other race classes there is some room for error, there is absolutely NO ROOM FOR ERROR in the SCXP class. These skis are too heavy and too fast to take chances on, and it comes down to these 7 words > this is not an entry level class! Although I am sympathetic to the guy who goes into a dealership and walks out the owner of a new Ultra or Sho, I am also well aware of the risks involved in putting new riders on these big skis out on a race course and saying "have fun out there"....

Because I am sympathetic to that plight, last year we started the SCXP Hot Lap sessions to allow new guys with these big skis to get actual race course experience on a real race course complete with safety skis and a flag official on the stand. Designed to run during intermissions of the regular race program, the opportunity was there for any new SCXP racers to burn laps for forty bucks.... and how many guys took advantage of this? Zip... 

Fast forward to the end of the season where entries were low and I was distracted, and made the decision to allow a new guy to run in the class. Unfortunately the "new guy" took water samples during unexpected swims at Pittsburg - and at Mossdale. Fortunately he nor anyone else was hurt, but the fact that this new racer was out on a race course over riding his ski - is no one's fault but my own. There are a hundred "what if's" that could accompany this. What if he got tossed and got run over by someone else... what if he spun and got ramped by the guy behind him.... what if he lost control and ended up on the beach...what if he didn't know when to back off in a corner and took out someone's hip or broke someone's femur... to everyone who argues "how's he going to learn" my response is - by racking up a whole lot of miles in the Hot Lap sessions, and if that's not a good enough answer - there will be quite a few other races coming to the west coast next year to participate in!!

This isn't even a proposal I need to take to the race staff. No new or novice racers are allowed to run the SCXP class EVER, and whether you understand it or not, my concern is in the best interest of the new racer, as well as for all the expert guys out on the race course.             

Race results -
As was discussed at rider's meetings at Pittsburg and Mossdale, all results are final after 30 minutes of being posted.

Penalty buoy -
Also previously discussed, all racers are now required to take the penalty buoy on their own following the miss of any buoy. The penalty buoy will be taken on the same lap, or the next following lap, depending on where the miss occurred on the course. If a rider fails to take the buoy on their own, they will be scored a lap down for each missed buoy.   

more to come....

All 550, 650, and 750 "vintage" skis will now be competing against each other in the newly created "567" Vintage Triple Threat class.It is my hope that the 4 or 5 guys currently running the 550's, the 2 or 3 guys running 750's, and anyone with a 650 that got shut out of the action a few seasons ago will now make up a class of 12 plus guys who will be putting on one of the coolest shows of the day...

How can these 3 classes run up against each other you might ask??? Pretty easy concept! The 550's leave the line on the band, and 20 to 30 seconds later the 650's leave the line, and 20 to 30 seconds after that the 750's leave the line. Depending on the length of the course the last couple laps of these heats should be OFF THE HOOK waiting to see if the 750's of Jesse Harden, Loder, and Konefat, can catch up to the 650's, and the 550's of Prodo, Watson, Gray, Dalhberg, Alexander, Roberts, the Austins, and even those crazy Copenhavers... hey, it's only weird if it doesn't work but if it doesn't work we'll try something else... (but I think this is gonna be pretty cool to watch!)

X-2 Army -
The mightiest vintage race class on the planet will again be doing battle as an open expert class, however - for the brand new guy getting into the sport, lining up with "the army" of 16 skis could be a little intimidating... heck, you guys intimidate me from the top of the flag tower, but for the guys with 3 or less years of race experience, and for new interns running the class, we will be adding an "X-2 Novice Class". This class will run independent of the X-2 Army for their own points... and before you start rolling your eyes back thinking I'm dividing the class - I'm not, but think about this... 

Look at the high level of talent in that class - and you'll see that most the guys in that class have expert level ability. The guy just starting out is going to have a long road to travel before being able to run up front in the mix, and I would prefer to have a safer and somewhat less intense X-2 class where these guys (and our interns) can ease into racing, and learn how to do it right at a slightly less hectic pace. 

The X-2 Army will still be the Army, but new racers and select interns running the novice class will have the option of moving up to the regular X-2 Army class, but only after achieving 5 "top 3" finishes in the novice class. Some guys with super natural talent will always be the exception to the rule, but I will make the determine as to when newer racers have demonstrated the ability to be in the same class with the army... The bottom line is this. When you get 16 skis on the line, things can get crazy. I dig crazy, but I dig safe crazy. Establishing a novice X-2 class will allow the opportunity for new racers to ease into the sport and maybe have a little more fun in a more controlled class rather than being thrown into the shark tank and saying "here ya go"...

Both classes will continue to run with vintage hulls and up to 800cc motors. (Gen-2 hulls must run Sport Sit)


Team Orange and REACH Air in "missing man"
formation, remembering all LE Officers killed in the line of duty... Mossdale Lakes Aug 2014

DJSA's Kati Myers and Jettribes Bree Eisner team up performing the National Anthem




New freestyle star in the making - "Kamikaze Kelly" ripping it with the Ski Clinic team at CFW


One of our 850 Expert Standup racers was involved in a horrific crash in the opening hours of the Rolex Daytona 24 this past Saturday. Memo Gidley driving the #99 Red Dragon Gainsco car was seriously injured in the crash. Memo has undergone several surgeries the past 2 days at Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach Florida and is reported to be stable and resting comfortably. The best news we've gotten that put a smile on my face was hearing from Memo's girlfriend Mari, that "he's starting to get his sense of humor back".... If you know Memo, you know that's a great sign!! 

Details of the crash, and video clips that will make your heart stop are posted on google, facebook,  and you tube. I haven't stopped thanking God that the outcome wasn't worse, and I hope you join me in doing the same. On a severity scale of 1 to 10 I'm going to have to rank that one at a solid 15 and I'll say it again - I thank God our friend survived and will be ok. The power of prayer cannot be under rated, and I respectfully ask you to join those who have done do from around the world and send your prayers and good thoughts out to Memo...    

And Memo... just so you know... when I said to "drive the tires off that thing" before the race, this isn't exactly what I meant! I'm glad you're ok my friend, and there's a whole lot of us in norcal who can't wait to see you...
Rest easy and we'll see you soon Mr. Milkman








 Aflac now offering accident insurance to Jetski Racers!
The following might just be the biggest news to hit the jetski racing world in quite a while - but you'll have to be the one to decide just how important it is to you. AFLAC is now offering personal accident indemnity coverage for all those involved in competitive motorsports, and yes – that includes all of us in the jetski racing world as well. This may not be big news to you if you’ve never been injured or if you’re younger, but if you work, and have a family to support who loves you to no end - and you race... you may have asked yourself this question a few times, “what would I do if I ever got hurt”. Now with a little help from the Aflac duck there is some help and peace of mind available for all of us if we want it.


Over the past 2 years, DJSA has been in many discussions and meetings with our local Aflac rep in trying to encourage them to consider offering coverage for those involved in jet ski racing, motocross, and other forms of what most insurance companies consider to be extreme sports. Up until recently, Aflac's accident coverage did not cover participants involved in competitive motorsport racing, but just prior to our end of the year Enduro last December in Pittsburg, our rep Steve Starratt called me with some pretty awesome news. Aflac is now offering their new versions of their accidental injury coverage to racers, and the rates are extremely affordable! 


Keep in mind, this is not medical or health care insurance which is a mandatory requirement for racers to have at most races, but it is supplemental accident insurance that provides you with cash payments in the event you are injured while racing. Or injured anywhere for that matter!

 Get injured on the course – covered.

Get injured slipping on a banana peel in the pits – covered.

Walk out of McDonalds and get attacked by wild birds for your fries – covered.

Any injury, whether it be from racing, practicing, or just living life – covered.*


For example, if a race ski plows into the flag tower and takes me out, my Kaiser insurance covers my medical care and ambulance transport – but if I’m off work for a month or longer and my sick leave time is depleted I’m screwed - but depending upon the severity of injury, I could be getting a check for anywhere from a few hundred to multiple of thousands of dollars – and that would take a heck of a lot of stress out of my life in staying on top of paying the bills. Aflac also has coverage for cardiac and cancer illnesses.


I don’t know who worked the magic at Aflac to get this accident coverage made available to the racing world, but I have nothing but respect and appreciation for this company for doing so. If you are interested at all in gaining some affordable “peace of mind” for you or your family, I would recommend you view the Aflac website at www.aflac.com to see if it’s something that could be of benefit to you. Some exceptions do apply such as DUI related incidents and a few others, so check the website for policy details.


Our area rep Steve is no stranger to our events, and knows very well the risks we all face as racers or staff participating at Jetski races. Steve invites you to call him if you have any questions about Aflac, and if you aren’t local to California he can hook you up with an Aflac office near where you live. For coverage ranging from twenty something to forty something a month - its well worth your time to look into it.


You can contact Steve Starratt, CA Lic. #0F43817, directly at (925) 978-3873 or you can email him at steven_starrattjr@us.aflac.com


Thanks Aflac!!! We sincerely appreciate your consideration and decision to provide accident coverage to the world of racing.


Jim Lambert


DJSA Reminders -
* Alcohol is prohibited for all DJSA participants until racing is over.
* All racers must be 18 years of age.
* All racers must show proof of current medical insurance -
Please bring ID and medical card with you to registration.
* Please help make a good impression to the public and observe all laws - at all times.
Race skis at permitted closed course events are not required to be registered - but only at the event site, and only while the event is taking place. If you venture out of the course area - it is recommended you have your ski currently registered.
All Enduro skis should be currently registered with required safety equipment when running enduro races on open waters, Registration may not be required during participation at a sanctioned event - but it is required when you are out practicing. Best advice there is to avoid costly tickets? Register your ski!!  

No lanyard - No Racing - No Exceptions!!

Required Safety Equipment For Course Racing

  • Wetsuit recommended -  footwear or booties, and gloves required 
  • Eye protection required 
  • Full face moto-x style DOT approved Helmet required
  • Coast guard approved PFD REQUIRED!
  • Fire extinguisher on board as equipped by manufacturer for all Sprint and SCXP runabouts. All standups and smaller runabout classes MUST HAVE a working fire extinguisher available pitside.  
  • A working Safety Lanyard is now required on all race skis.
  • New for 2013 - for everyone's safety as well as your own, all pit setups MUST HAVE at least one working fire extinguisher available for immediate use whether it's an individual pit or you're in a group with others...

ENDURO Racers are REQUIRED to additionally carry

  • A waterproofed and charged cell phone
  • A handheld VHF marine radio
  • emergency rations (water-energy bars)
  • A marine chart of the race course

Age requirements

  • 18 years old
  • 16 to 17 years old may race as interns with race director's approval only.
  • Contact Jim Lambert for further information about the intern program.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

DJSA Course Racing Trophy Awards 1st place for each class. 

DJSA points to every ski on the line

DJSA Enduro Trophy Awards 1st through 5th for each class

Rules for course racing will be announced at every riders meetings but please become familiar with the following -    

Current Medical Insurance is Required for ALL DJSA Events

Mandatory Safety Rules

We enforce a mandatory one ski length safe zone on the course at all times. In the corners the lead ski has the right of way before, during, and exiting the corners. NO EXCEPTIONS

We enforce a 100 ft yield rule for falls or spins. If you spin, there is no punching the throttle and blindly getting back into the game.... you are required to put your hand up, look behind you, and yield to any approaching racer within 100 ft. Keep in mind, approaching racers are required to slow down if you are in the water. YOU MUST WAIT until they pass before re-entering the course. If there's nobody within 100 feet of you're you're clear to pin it. If there is, you are required to yield to them and WAIT until they pass.

There is NO passing, scoring, or racing in a yellow flag corner where there is a racer down. Raise one hand, proceed at 1/2 speed, hold position, and resume racing when you exit the corner. Any racer intentionally advancing their position on a rider ahead of them who has properly slowed down in a yellow flag corner will be penalized. 

If a yellow flag is displayed at the flagtower, a full course yellow is in effect and ALL racers will pace on the leader in single file at 1/2 speed until the course is clear. When instructed by the team orange pace ski, all racers should expect to receive a green flag from the flag tower for a rolling single file nascar style restart. ALL racers will hold position on approach to the flagtower UNTIL the green flag waves - and then you can let it rip. All racers must pass between the checkered buoys on the restart to be scored unless other instructions are provided at the riders meeting for that particular day.

For 2013, All RED buoys at DJSA races now signify RIGHT turns.

YELLOW buoys signify LEFT turns. 

A Red or Yellow with a BLUE buoy signifies the start of a split - "Blue goes to 2" different lines... (In a split you'll either be on the red line or the yellow line)

A Red or Yellow with a WHITE buoy signifies the end of a split - as in "White means a single line is again alright...   


If at anytime the starter, or a team orange safety team rider, displays a red flag - ALL RACERS ARE REQUIRED TO IMMEDIATELY PUT A HAND UP, STOP IN PLACE, PULL THEIR LANYARD, and await further instructions from team orange.


If at anytime the starter or a team orange safety team rider displays a red flag - ALL RACERS ARE REQUIRED TO IMMEDIATELY PUT A HAND UP, SLOW DOWN, PULL OFF THE COURSE TO THE RIGHT, AND PROCEED AT "NO WAKE SPEED" around the outer perimeter of the course back to the start beach. 

The change in "red flag procedures" is ONLY in consideration of skis that might take on water when floating free, or that might not restart again after a few minutes of being dead in the water. In a red flag situation I need every team orange member to concentrate on the situation we are attending to on the water, and I don't want to add to that ordeal by having a racer on the water adrift because their ski won't restart.    

When TEAM ORANGE SAFETY SKI RIDERS are assisting racers on the course, they will be yielded to at all times by oncoming racers. There is no racing within close proxemity of any TEAM ORANGE rider engaged in a racer assist - and willful violations to this rule will result in immediate disqualification. Please re-read the instructions above for yellow flag situations on the race course so that you are fully aware of what is expected pf you as a racer at our events.


Skis will undergo random SAFETY tech inspections AND ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE at least 10 inch highly visible race numbers on both sides of cowling and preferably on the nose if you run a sitdown. Simple rule - no numbers, no scoring, no exceptions...

ALL race skis are REQUIRED to have a mandatory TOW LOOP on the bow of their ski. Simple rule - no tow loop - no racing - no exceptions... 

Any ski determined to be unsafe or un-seaworthy for competition by the designated tech official or the race director will be prohibited from competition until noted deficiencies are corrected.  

For a list at what your ski will be evaluated for during random safety inspections, email me at djsaracing@yahoo.com and I will send you the tech form.

Liability release waivers must be signed at registration before anyone enters the course.Please read them thoroughly.

All RACERS will be checked on the line for the wristband of the day. No "Racers" wristband - no racing.

All HOLDERS will be checked for the wristband of the day. No "Holders" wristband - no entering the startline area.  

  • MINIMUM AGE To Course Race is 18 years of age...  
  • Any reckless operation on or off the course whatsoever will be grounds for immediate disqualification !!!
  • Absolutely no alcohol consumption allowed during race events
  • We reserve the right to deny participation to any race entrant, crew or family member who exhibits  mental or physical signs of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or  who displays any form of unsportsmanlike conduct on the water, or on the event grounds, or who exhibits reckless and negligent operation of their watercraft or vehicle at anytime.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *    

I get a lot of phone calls and emails in regards to DJSA PWC races...Here are some of the most common questions asked.
Q - How old do you have to be to race at DJSA Events?
A - 18 years of age for all closed course and enduro race events. At my disgretion I may allow a 16 or 17-year old racer to run in a specific race class as an "intern", however intern racers will start in the back of the class, will display a rookie ribbon on their ski and or pfd. Perspective intern racers are required to have parents or legal guardians contact me in advance of any racing so that I can meet with both the parents, and the racer. Parents must show proof of active medical insurance and coverage for their racer, and sign parental liability waivers prior to each race event the intern racer enters. Proof of age such as a birth certificate is mandatory.   
Q - How much are entry fees?
A - The 2014 closed course max entry fees will be ~ 
* $50 for the 567 Vintage Triple Threat Class 
* $60 for the X-2 Army. 
* $80 for all upper classes.    
* $25 each for added classes - racers may enter a total of 3 classes in one day.
* $25 junior A&B time trials and match racing.
Please note - the more people who race, make it more affordable for me to put on races and in turn makes it more affordable for all of you to race. Help bring those entry fees back down to the $60 mark by doing this one simple thing - bring a new racer out with you in 2014. Even though we've been around for 8 years, many norcal rec riders still don't know regional racing is available!   
We will always strive to keep racing affordable. There will never be an entry fee higher than the ones listed above unless we are hosting a large scale special event - and even then we'll try and keep the sting out of it. 
Q - How many races or "motos" does a rider get in?
A - Most all of our events last year consisted of 3 heats per class. At a few races last year we ran out of daylight and had to shorten the program but that was the exception and not the rule. If you're going home tired with the feeling you got your money's worth, then we're going home happy too!
For 2014 at all 2 day races, sunday will host the junior time trial and match racing at 9am followed by regular class practice and a 2 heat format with increased laps for adult point series racers. Juniors will not run on saturday and series racers will run a 3 heat format.  Same weekend races on sat and sun will be scored as one event for the point standings, thus the term "4 in 1" or "5 in 1". If we schedule 3 heats on saturday and 2 heats on sunday, all 5 heats from both days will go towards 1 overall score for the weekend. The advantage to racers? For the few guys who can't make both days, you only suffer a couple dns scores for the day you're absent, rather than missing out on a set of points for 2 different races.   
Q - How are the races scored?
A - We use traditional "motocross" style scoring. Your finish places from all 3 races are added together and the lowest numbers win overall.
If you get 3 wins your score would be 3.
If you came in 2nd, 4th, and 3rd, your score would be 9
Three 2nds would be 6 and so on.
Ties are broken by the finish positions of the last race run.
DNF's (did not finish) are scored 3 points plus the number of racers in that class.
DNS (did not start) are scored 5 points plus the number of racers in that class.
Q - Do DJSA points count towards APBA or IJSBA point standings?
A - No, DJSA points are awarded only towards DJSA events, series, and prizes.
Q - What classes run at DJSA?
A - We run 7 Standup classes and 5 Sitdown classes that cover all skis made and every level of rider ability...

1) 567 Vintage Triple Threat (new class for 2014) –

Any 440, 550, 650, or 750 vintage ski now competes against each other in the newly formed "triple threat" class. 550's leave the line first, followed by the 650's 20 or 30 seconds later, followed by the 750's 20 or 30 seconds after that.... by the time the last couple laps roll around, things are getting pretty interesting on the race course for the 650's who have caught up to the 550's, and the 750's who have caught up to the 650's !!! If yo uhave a vintage ski, throw some race numbers on it and come out and have some serious fun!!   


2) X-2 Army Expert (here it’s called the “X-2 Army”) -

And rightfully so… these guys have the biggest start lines ever seen on the pwc racing planet! This class is for any vintage X-2 with a motor cap of 800cc’s. (There’s even a couple guys running Yamaha motors in them!) Do what you want to the hull or the motor as long as its 800cc’s or less. This class is for intermediate to expert level ability only. The requirement on the average is 3 or more years of race experience, but if you're just starting out, you can get the hang of things in the -  


3) X-2 Army Novice class - (new class)

The same rules apply for hulls and motors as in the expert class, but this class was created for new racers just getting into the sport, or for rec riders who don't race on a regular basis. Select interns (age 15 to 17) also start out in this class. Any racer taking 5 top 3 podium finishes will be eligible to move up to the X-2 Army expert class with race director approval.  


4) 800 novice open standup –

This is the ONLY class we run as a designated novice class for racers with 3 or less years experience. Its also one of our biggest and most popular classes. Do whatever you want to the ski or motor but the cap is on 800cc’s. Someone with mad skills will get bumped up at the end of the season – but that entire season gives me a chance to individually watch a racers progress and make the determination as to when it’s safe for them to move up.


5) 800 “Legends” open standup –

For the sport’s past “legends” who are 35 or older, with any ski with a cap of 850cc’s or less. Motor and hull mods are open but the cap is on 800cc’s. Even with most the guys running 800 SXR’s, its always awesome to watch Yellich or Lojewski jump in there with a 650 or a Superjet. This is the equivalent of other “Vets” or “Master” classes but since they are “Legends” to me so that’s what we call this class and it goes without saying - they are by far one of the hottest race classes of the day to watch!


6) 900 open expert standup -

This is an expert class only, open to any ski with a motor cap of 900cc’s. Formerly called the 850 expert standup class, this class will now include STOCK 900 triples. This is an open class for 850cc skis. All mods are allowed not to exceed 900 ccs, however any 900 triple must run a stock motor. A 900 triple with engine mods would run in the FAST Stand GP class. Race director approval is required to run in thsi class.    


7) “FAST Stand” open expert GP –

Any ski with a motor cap of 1200cc’s. The only strict rule in this class is you must be an expert level racer to enter. Hull and motor mods are open. We started this class a few years ago when Hydro’s were first hitting the water and it stood for “fourstrokes and super talent”. Now it’s the “outlaw alternative” for the Pro/Am GP Ski class at IJSBA races. The sound of those triples out on the water is definitely an attention getter – and the spectators LUV this class - and the guys in it!


The 4 sit classes have the same structuring.


1) Sport Sit 800 Stock/Novice –

Same skis as in the GP 1200 class, but with smaller motors and entry level talent. We needed a home for some of the guys running stock skis with 760 and 701 motors, and for those just getting into racing, so we added a smaller version of the wild 1200 class.

A) An expert level racer may enter this class on an 800 sport or runabout hull, but the motor must be completely stock.

B) A novice racer may enter this class on a fully mod'd boat as long as the motor size does not exceed 800cc's. 


2) Sport Sit GP 1200 Expert – 

Home of the "Master Blasters", the HX, Hurricane, Seadoo Xp, Kaw Xir, and the new generation X2. 1200ccs cap on the motor. Open hull and motor mods allowed. Expert class. Racing in this class requires race director approval.


3) Sprint Sit 1350 and under NA open runabout –

Any 2-stroke under 1350ccs or N/A 4-stroke runabout. Motor and hull mods are open. Rider ability is open although novices race as described above. This has been the home for Yamaha  GP’s, GPR’s, XLT’s, Seadoo RXXs, XPLs, GSXLs, GTXLs, Kawi STXs, STXRs, ZXIs, Ultra 150s and all naturally aspirated 4-strokes.


4) SCXP Expert Supersit –

Used to stand for “Super Charged Xtra Powered” but now it stands for “Super Charged Expert”. New racers are not permitted to run this class without 3 years of previous race experience at other organized race events, or here in a smaller lighter class. This class has been the home of Yamaha Sho’s, Kawasaki Ultra’s, Seadoo RXPs, RXTs, and Honda’s F-15X. Race director approval is required to run this very fast and exciting class.  

Q - What equipment is needed to race at DJSA?
A - Your ski must be in good overall condition and should be currently registered with CF numbers displayed. Permitted events usually exempt race skis from being registered if they are used for racing at the event only, but registration tickets are costly and if you venture out of an event area you're rolling the dice for getting stopped by law enforcement. Best advice because when you "practice" you're probably riding recreationally?? Get your ski registered!
Note - All enduro racers should have their skis currently reg'd, but again if you are participating at a self sanctioned race event you are usually exempt from most the normal registration laws and regulations established for recreational riding - but only while you are participating in the event. This DOES NOT cover "practicing" for the event a few days beforehand. Reg tickets can cost you anywhere from $300 to $500. Save yourself some bucks and play it safe - reg your ski!  
Enduros - All coast guard required safety equipment must be with the ski.
Closed course - Same requirement but fire extinguishers do not have to be carried on race skis.
All skis are REQUIRED to have an adequate tow loop on the nose of the ski.
All skis are REQUIRED to have a working safety lanyard - even the vintage guys.
Large easy to read 10 inch race numbers must be on the side cowlings of your ski. Sitdowns should have an additional number on the nose or front cowling.
If the scorekeepers can't clearly read your numbers from shore, its your responsibility to make them readable, or you won't be scored... no exceptions!    
You need a full face moto-x style DOT approved helmet - no exceptions
You need racing goggles - plastic sunglasses are not accepted.
You need a coast guard approved life vest (pfd)
In the summer, a shorty wetsuit is recommended, in the colder months a full length wetsuit is mandatory. Gloves and footwear is mandatory.
It is highly recommended in the upper classes, racers consider the purchase of chest and back protectors, leg guards, and neck braces.   
The most important piece of equipment you need, is a little plastic card showing you have current medical insurance!
Q - Are DJSA races insured?
A - DJSA carrys event liability insurance at all locations we race at however that insurance does not cover the racer on the race course. Some of our locations require multi million dollar 2nd party liability coverage or we would not be able to run there. As with most other race events, whether it be cars, motorcycles, or PWC's, all DJSA riders "race at their own risk.  
Any event insurance obtained is for 2nd party liability coverage only and does not cover racer to racer incidents. Event liability insurance is expensive, and can account for you having to pay $100 entry fees for a single day of racing... but we take care of our own insurance cost ourselves. In exchange, we ask that you race safe and watch out for each other while obeying a few simple safety rules on the race course. 
You as a racer will never be charged for insurance costs by way of higher entry fees, but you will be required to show proof of current medical insurance at our races.. DJSA is currently negotiating for additional insurance with AFLAK to cover racers on the water, but personal medical insurance coverage is still REQUIRED by racers at our events. 
Safety measures
DJSA is fortunate to have one of the best water safety teams on the west coast working our races and watching your backs! TEAM ORANGE rides highly visible orange and white skis, and the team wears orange safety vest so that there is no mistake as to who the safety guys are out on the race course!
When a yellow flag incident takes place in a corner and a racer is in the water, the Team Orange Safety Team will be yielded to at all times. There is no passing or scoring in a yellow flag corner. Racers are required to slow down, hold position, and resume racing when clear of the corner. Racers disregarding the safety team's efforts in a yellow flag corner, or who continue to race past the safety skis or a racer in the water with no regard for their safety, will be immediately DQ'd for the rest of the day.
Just the same as when you slow your car down on the freeway when you see a police car or ambulance with its emergency lights on at an accident scene, you are required to do the same here - or we will ask you to race elsewhere.  
DJSA enforces a mandatory ONE SKI LENGTH SAFE ZONE at all times to reduce the possibility of rubbing fiberglass to fiberglass. The lead ski has the right of way at all times. You can pass outside in, inside out, or power around on the outside, but you will maintain a one ski length safe zone AT ALL TIMES.
We've also added a 100 ft mandatory yield rule for racers who have fallen or washed out in a turn. Instead of accelerating blindly back onto the course, a racer is REQUIRED to raise one hand, look back, and YIELD to any oncoming racer within 100 ft. This rule is in effect at all times to help prevent you from getting centerpunched when re-entering the race course.
Keep in mind, approaching racers are REQUIRED to slow down and hold position when they see a racer in the water. This is NOT an opportunity for the downed racer to pull back onto the course in front of the yielding racers. If no racers are within 100ft the downed racer may re-enter the course and resume racing. If yielding racers are within 100ft, the downed racer must wait until they pass and then safely re-enter the course.
We've taken many steps to help insure you have a safe enviornment in which to break into racing... the rest is up to you!   
Q - What designates the stock class from the modified class?
A -  We have merged stock class and modified classes together, and made them "open classes". We have found very little difference between stock and modified skis over the past few seasons. State of the art hull design and brute horsepower equals only one thing - Hot Damn Fast!  Our class designations focus more on rider ability, than on the make or modifications of a ski. The bottomline is, if you want to end up on the podium alot - practice alot.  
Q- How are ties broken?
A - All racers run 2 or 3 heats in a day. Ties are most frequently broken by your placement in the last heat of the day unless I decide otherwise.
Q- How is a DNS (did not start) scored?
A- 5 points plus # of riders in that race
Q-How is a DNF (did not finish) scored?
A- 3 points plus # of riders in that race. (In most cases, a racer having mechanical issues may start, then pull off the course, and pass through the checkered buoys at the end of the race to avoid being scored a dnf)
How are  series points awarded?
Points for the 2013 season will be awarded on the same scale as IJSBA closed course racing. Normally 5 skis make a scoring class but for classes with 
4 skis running, points start at 2nd place value (53).
3 skis running, points start at 3rd place value. (48) 
2 skis running, points start at 4th place value (43)  
How are  penaltys assessed? 
If a racer misses a buoy on the course, they must navigate around 1, 2, or 3 black "penalty" buoys set at a designated location on the track. If a racer does not take the penalty buoy on their own after missing a buoy, or fails to follow the flag official's directions, they will be docked one lap for each buoy missed at the end of the heat.
The penalty buoys are taken at at race speed, however when re-entering the course, the 100 ft yield rule will be strictly enforced. 
At NO TIME will a racer double back on the course to make up a missed buoy.  
If a racer violates the 1-ski length safe zone rule, or presents a safety hazard on the course, they will be black flagged from the heat and will score a last place finish for that heat.
All penalties and violations will be administered by the race directer after being reviewed with the safety team and other involved race officials.    

                         The best damn Outlaw PWC Racing in N.California


You Ready For This???


< DJSA Season 8 class lineup >


Vintage 550JS Open (all 550,440,300) (550cc motor cap)
1) Stegman - #3 - kaw
2) Gray - #530 - kaw
3) Prodanovich - #6 – kaw

4) Salzman - #919 - kaw

X-2 Army Open (800cc motor cap)
1) Lambert -#14 - kaw
2) Girling - #1 - kaw
3) Kranich - #70 – kaw

4) D.Miller – #29 - kaw

5) Wolff - #33 – kaw

6) J.Wilson - #330 – kaw (intern)

7) S.Wilson - #916 – kaw (intern)

8) J.Dewar - #007 - kaw
9) De La Rosa - #22 – kaw

10) Greene - #225 – kaw

11) Gray - #21 – kaw

12) Champney - #7 - kaw
13) Yamamoto -#11 – kaw

14) Roberts - #658 – kaw

15) Ross - #17 – kaw

16) Prodanovich - #6 – kaw

17) Ford - #191 – kaw

18) A.Chambers - #1X – kaw

19) B.Burns Chambers - #1W – kaw

20) J.Pagen - #57 – kaw

21) Younger - #358 – kaw

22) JJ Hickey Jr - #3 - kaw

750 and under Open Standup
1) Mendoza - #9 – kaw 750
2) Salzman - #919 – kaw 650
3) Lojewski - #4 – yam

4) Harden - #211 - kaw

800 Novice Open Standup (800cc motor cap)
1) E.Templeton - #31 – kaw (intern)
2) W.Dewar - #174 – kaw (intern)

3) Stegman - #3 – kaw

4) Campbell - #33 – kaw

5) Tate - #57 – kaw

6) Carmouche - #177 - kaw

Legends Open Standup (800cc motor cap) (men+women 35+)
1) Haag - #111 - kaw
2) Knowlden - #11 - kaw
3) Mendoza - #9 – kaw

4) Frendian - #29 – kaw

5) Workman - #205 – kaw

6) M.Fuhrman - #605 – kaw

7) Peterson - #22 – kaw

8) Vassallo - #55 – kaw

9) Prodanovich - #6 - kaw

10) Lojewski - #4 - yam

850 Expert Standup and select intermediate (850cc motor cap)
1) Gardemeyer - #157 - kaw
2) Zernik - #149 – kaw

3) Bk.Austin – #182 – hydro

4) Bl Austin - #182 – hydro

5) Roberts - #658 – kaw

6) T.Pagen - #702 - kaw

FAST Stand Open 1100 GP Expert
1) Zernik - #149 - kaw
2) Roberts - #658 - kaw
3) Prodanovich - #6 – kaw

4) T,Pagen - #702 - kaw

800 Runabout Open Expert (800cc motor cap)
1) * pending merge with Sport Sit 1200 GP Expert

Sport Sit 800 Stock-Novice (800cc motor cap)
1) C.Leu - #411 - yam
2) Lasiter - #328 - yam
3) Ford - #191 - seadoo

Sport Sit GP 1200 Open Expert (1200cc motor cap)
1) McFarlane - #200 - seadoo
2) Arluck - #116 - seadoo
3) Janeway - #110 – seadoo

4) Mallari - #2 – seadoo (rnbt)

5) Yee - #951 – yam

6) Booker - #45 – pol (rnbt)

7) Angeles - #125 – seadoo (rnbt)
8) Yamamoto - #37 – yam

Sprint Sit 1350 Open Runabout NA (NA 4-strokes)
1) Haag - #5 - kaw
2) Wolff - #33 - kaw
3) Bl Wilson - #771 – yam

4) Church - #422 - seadoo

SCXP Supersit Open Expert Runabout
1) Habel - #983 - kaw
2) Wolff - #808 - seadoo
3) Lasiter - #328 – yam

4) C.Leu - #411 – seadoo

5) J.Dewar - #007 - kaw

Junior-A time trials
1) S.Templeton - #31 - kaw
2) M.Zernik - #149
3) B.Miller - #3 – kaw x-2

4) Y.Shabouni - #20 - kaw

Junior-B time trials
1) J.Leu - #511 - kaw
2) S.Fuhrman - #605 - kaw
3) C.Ward - tba



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